Sander van Bree

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Curriculum vitae

PhD Student

University of Glasgow


This may be a little outdated — check my Google Scholar (left panel) for my most recent output, and don't hesitate to email me if you would like to read any of my papers for free.

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Oscillation or not – why we can and need to know

Sander van Bree, Andrea Alamia, Benedikt Zoefel

OSF Preprints, 2021

Clock time: a foreign measure to brain dynamics

Sander van Bree, María Melcón, Luca Kolibius, Casper Kerrén, Maria Wimber, Simon Hanslmayr

BioRxiv, 2021

Sustained neural rhythms reveal endogenous oscillations supporting speech perception.

Sander van Bree, Ediz Sohoglu, Matthew H. Davis, Benedikt Zoefel

PLOS Biology, vol. 19(2), 2021 Jan 26

Does alpha phase modulate visual target detection? Three experiments with tACS‐phase‐based stimulus presentation

Tom A. de Graaf, Alix Thomson, Shanice E.W. Janssens, Sander van Bree, Sanne ten Oever, Alexander T. Sack

European Journal of Neuroscience, vol. 51(11), 2020 29, pp. 2299-2313

Audio-tactile enhancement of cortical speech-envelope tracking.

Lars Riecke, Sophia Snipes, Sander van Bree, Amanda L. Kaas, Lars Hausfeld

NeuroImage, 2019 Oct 15

No evidence for modulation of outer hair-cell function by 4-Hz transcranial alternating current stimulation.

Sander van Bree, Elia Formisano, Denise van Barneveld, Erwin George, Lars Riecke

Brain Stimulation, vol. 12(3), 2019 1, pp. 806-808